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(note:  some of these have been moved to my archives
More recent photos coming soon!)

The last official school picture of me,
taken in March '03.
With Melanie McVey, at a party, fall 2000.
With the IEI gang, at Great America, 2001
With Fabbi and Rachel,
Biology Bar, Chicago, 2002

Ray's wedding to Tony, May 15
th, 2005
Cast of my show,
the Laramie Project, April 2005
Sal/Ruby, Ali/Brent,
Kent and Lisa's Wedding, 2004?
With Todd, at wedding party, July 2005
Left:  My IL driver's license photo, 2003
Right:  A popular photo, used on my credit card!



As this page is still under construction, other pictures are forthcoming!

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