Welcome to Dave's Photo Archives!

Featured are retro photos from Dave's World!
This is me in Fall '94,
the first picture I ever scanned!
siblings! D & D, 1996
VERY long ago on the beach at Long Island
At Lakeview Links, Chicago, July, 1996.
Ali, Ryan, Teddy, Jason, Dave.
Whoooosh!! This is a photo of me with 7 IEI students. We were coming down a curve on Raging Bull at Six Flags Great America.
Top row: Joaquin, Alonzo, Juan Carlos, and  me.
Bottom row: Agnes, Silvia, Francesca.
Summer 2000.
Me and Samantha Serrano, 2002
Fabby, Diana, Letty, Rachel, Elvia, and David at Club Elebrije in Acapulco, May, '01
party animals! Fabby, myself, and Rachel at the Latina 5th anniversary bash at Biology Bar, August 2000.
Us again, with cousin Eli, at the Drink!