The Collection Of Official Zoners' Cards of Business. the COOZ COB,
follows these photos involving fellow Zoners! 
Zoners galore! Top to Bottom:
Shannon Ramker, Dave F., Stacy Fox; 
Germ and Jon Adams, Alan Keith Carver (bg);
Dave and Shae!.
All from Ganza I, January, 1996, Chicago.
Kim doesn't remember this...
mini-ganza at Shae's!
Dave and Kim Mercer (nee Clark), Cath Denial (bg), Ganza I

back- Dave, Jon Adams, Jym Barnas, Amy Jordan;
middle- Erica Ostrom, Ken, Shae! Cox;
bottom- Sarah G., Tony; 
February, 1996, Aurora, IL


keli and Dave F.

Top: Erik, Erica, Jacki,
Dave, Shan, Phil
Bottom: Jon, Shan, Dave,
Jacki, Erica, Shanna

All at OlympicGanza,
Atlanta, July 20, 1996
Top: Craig and Heidi Anne Duerr;
bottom w/keli.

All at Ganza III,
Vega$, 5-98


With Da Mayor and Jack,
Newport, RI, August 2005
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the legendary COOZ COB!
the legendary COOZ COB!

This is the "Collection Of Official Zoners' Cards Of Business."
If you would like to have your business card represented here, please contact me.