My Trip to Venezuela --- December 23-January 6, 2001-02Venezuela

I went with my girlfriend, Goldy, to visit her home country, Venezuela, and spend quality time with her and her family. This diary is a brief documentation of our epic trip.

All prices have been translated to US ($) dollars. During this trip, the dollar was worth approximately 750 Venezuelan Bolivares (in 2005 it is worth closer to 2000 Bolivares).
As usual, I have included links that take you to further information about many of the places I have visited. I have also included some pop-ups to describe some of the Spanish words I have learned.

Bottom line is that I had a terrific time, and I enjoy discussing it, so if you have any questions/comments, please leave them here.

NEW! Photos of my trip are ready! The list is at the bottom of the page, or here.


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Here are some photos from the trip! Click on one to view it!
Goldy, David, Mery, Rafa, Bella, Boris
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Ariel, Rafa, Mery, Bill, Goldy, David, Bella, Boris
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Goldy and David enjoying relaxing times ven3.jpg (8183 bytes)