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These are some of my vital (and not so vital) statistics.

Further queries, questions, etc. can be addressed to me.

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Full Name: David Bruce Flapan
Birthdate: May 3rd, which makes me a taurus.
Birthplace: Park Ridge, Illinois.
Residence:North Side of Chicago, Illinois
Parents: Bill and Jan Flapan
Sister: Debbie Flapan, an associate editor
My father's side contains one uncle/aunt, and 5 female grown cousins, three of whom are married.
My mother's side contains one uncle/aunt, and 2 male grown cousins, one of whom is married.
One grandparent, Flora, is still alive.  She is our connection to the last Cubs World Series victory!

Where have I lived?

My email addresses:
Here are all of my known email addresses. Feel free to click and try them! ... This was my first email address, from September 1994! This is for being a member of Netscape, and to enjoy its many (sic) benefits. This is associated with my cell phone. By the way, here is a photo of my cell. Had to have this one, for my favorite sport! DePaul let me keep this one after I worked there for 9 years!  I use this one for graphical and/or generic emails. I often compete with the owner of this site, and he had extra addresses available.  I finally broke down and got a Yahoo address  ABC/Disney made me take this one when I registered.. This one is included with my AIM screen name. Here is my current addy for my current school.

Here is a record of my travels.We will start with the United States.I have visited: North America
  1. Canada
  2. United States
  3. Mexico
  4. Costa Rica South America
    • Argentina
    • Chile
    • Colombia
    • Uruguay
    • Venezuela
Coca Cola Classic with lime
Profession: An elementary-school teacher. Currently teaching at the Temple and subbing
Employment status: Currently employed,
but will accept additional work.
I teach, tutor, design web sites, etc. See below.
Professional web site: www.chiguy.netThis is where I display some of my professional skills.
blood type: O positive
Some of my preferences/favorites:
My Transportation
See my transportationn page 
talk show hosttDavid Letterman