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CAR - Oldsmobile Alero 1999 17k $6500
Schwinn  21 speed bicycle, red, 3 years old, excellent cond. $120
various full-length cassettes $2.50 each; 5 for $9.00
various cassette singles$1.00 each; 4 for $3.00
various compact discs$4.00 each; 3 for $10.00
various books   $2.00 or less
Hitachi vcr $20
Cordless and desk phones $20-30
Apple ][e Computer System
-includes monitor, keyboard, disks, and software,
and I will throw in some training.
Or the whole package for $99!
Epson dot matrix printer
HP DeskJet 820C printer $45
Microwave, Goldstar $35
Single bed, 3-4 years old $99
Double sized mattress $130
Four classic
bar stools
$30 each,
$99 for set of four
My 2 BR Condo - Armitage & Damen - parking included! Contact me for more info - check out the building's website
Various couches;
all unfold to bed
 -Three-position patterned couch with matching pillows - $80
-Two-position loveseat - $60
-Both matching pieces - $119
-Leather couch $280
Chicago Tour Guide $15/hour
Computer/Internet lessons/Web Page Design
Check out my business site.
my resum$35/hour
Tennis lessons  $15/hour
advertising space on this site!
(reciprocity available)
 $50 per month,
90 x 90 pixel gif
Revisit soon, there's more to come!

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