Welcome to the journal of my trip to
New York City, New York!

This journey took place on September 3-8, 2004

The purpose was to have a mini-vacation and for Goldy to show me around where she used to live ('96-'99).
Secondarily, when I realized what the date was that I would be in NYC, I knew I would have to stay a few extra days so I could attend the US Open.

September 3, 2004

After Goldy's work, we grabbed a bite at the local Don Hall's restaurant (our 4th of 13 locations).  We left immediately after, but the flights were slightly late, and we arrived in Newark at 1:30am.  Took a ($50) cab ride to our hotel.

Sept. 4

We checked into the Wellington Hotel.  Old-Fashioned and lovely. Rooms were small, but functional.  Excellent location in Midtown Manhattan at 56th and Seventh. 
After breakfast, we checked out Zabar's, a local grocery store.  The place is huge with an unbelievable selection.  Then, while walking around Times Square, I registered for David Letterman's show (the Monday night, thru a lottery.  I was not selected), checked for tickets to Broadway shows, and marveled at the atmosphere. We chose tickets for De La Garda.  Then we checked out Central Park.

After resting, we went to the Union Square area, and had dinner at Rectangles, a local Israeli restaurant.  Although pricey, the food was very good.
We then enjoyed De La Garda.  Performed by a majority Argentinean troupe, the show has quietly grown, but not enough, as it is now closed.  A very unique experience, all of the action takes place above the audience, who must stand.  Ropes assist performers  in swinging trapeze/style stunts.  Overall it was pretty good.  Original ideas.  However some parts dragged, and the concept, a combination circus/concert, was not enough to sustain the entire experience.

Sept. 5

Enjoyed egg, cheese, and pastrami sandwich at the famous Carnegie Deli!  Enjoyed the classic giant pastrami sandwich. Then we walked around NBC studios and Rockefeller Plaza.  American Express was promoting the US Open.  One of the activities was your likeness next to a pro.  I chose Andy Roddick, and pretended to serve, to complement his shot. 
Check it out:

Then we went down to Ground Zero.  This 21 acre site looked like any city construction site.  However, there were special gates surrounding the property, and several posters explaining more about the tragedy. We walked all the way around, absorbing it all. 
Next we walked west to the Seaport.  This is an area near the Hudson River with many shops and restaurants. 
Next we went to the classic Macy's store.  At 13 floors (9 for the public) this place was the largest department store in the state (never figured out where it ranks in the country). After shopping for a few hours, we found a Brazilian street fest!  Apparently this was Brazil's independence day.  We walked around, shopped, nibbled, etc.
After resting, we finished the evening at Cafe Fiorella with New York style super-thin pizza.

Sept. 6

Breakfasted at Cafe Europa.  Walked down the famous Fifth Avenue.  Saw Saks Fifth Avenue, actually on Fifth Avenue!  Bought new digital camera from Olympus at Data Vision, where Goldy knew someone.  Lunched at Kosher Delite, had chicken shwarma, enjoyed their condiment bar.  Goldy left to return to Chicago.
I then changed hotels.  New hotel was Columbus Studios, on Columbus and 83rd. Walked around the Upper West Side.

Sept. 7

Left at 10, took the #1 to the #7 to Flushing Meadow and the National Tennis Center by 11 to see the US Open!  My ticket allowed me to see all matches being played that afternoon.  Highlights included Hewitt's defeat of Beck, Dementieva's defeat of Mauresmo, the doubles team of Raymond/Navratilova get defeated, and Michaela Kraiicek, Richard's sister, win.  Capriati also beat Serena, but that was at night, and they were strict about admission.  But hundred of spectators enjoyed watching the match on the giant monitor on the grounds.  With dozens of vendors and other activities, there was always something going on!  I had a wonderful time, and I can't believe that this was only my first time here!

Here are some photos from today.  Click on thumbnail for full size.

steffi! Martina!
My view of the inside of Arthur Ashe Stadium. One of the menus!  I had the first item. Some of the available t-shirts. Caught Roger Federer practicing! Action shot of Lleyton Hewitt serving. Action shot of Elena Demen-tieva returning. Classic serve of Steffi Graf on a practice court. The legendary Martina Navratilova.

Sept. 8

Visited cousin Valerie for lunch.  She works at Pfizer, and we ate at the company's employee cafeteria, which was rather high class for one of those.  Next visited the United Nations.   Took the tour.  Saw the Security Council Chambers, other rooms, many exhibits, and learned much history.

Returned to Cincinnati where the plane departed a half hour late, which caused me to miss my connection.  However, Delta came thru with food and hotel, and I made it Fort Wayne the next morning.