Our trip to Los Angeles and Las Vegas

This is the official document that describes the trip taken in November, 2000.

Cast of Characters:
David Flapan (narrator)
Grandma Flora Flapan (narrator's paternal Gma)

In Los Angeles-
Cheryl (df's cousin)
David Lewis (cheryl's husband)
Danny, Mikey, Benji (Cheryl & David's kids, aged 9, 6, 5)
The above all live in Calabas, CA.
Julie (df's cousin, Cheryl's sister)
Andy Feig (Julie's husband) These two live in West Hollywood.
Uncle Marshall and Aunt Judy
Valerie, Suzanne, Wendy (df's cousins, all sisters, all single)

In Las Vegas-
We don't know anyone else there anymore. All other characters are there through cameo appearances.

The Action:

Wed., 11-22

Thu., 11-23Fri., 11-24Sat., 11-25Sun., 11-26Mon., 11-27