All About My Computer!

As a member of the industry, I often get asked about my personal computer. Hence, the creation of this page to explain it all.
My first modern computer was in use from January 1998 until 2003, when I acquired my second computer (my first actual computer was an Apple ][e).
As usual, all comments and questions should be directed to me.

componentSpecs - Computer #1 Specs - Computer #2
brand Gateway 2000 Micron Millenia
date Purchased directly from Gateway in January, 1998 Acquired in March 2003
processor Intel's Pentium II, with mmx, at 266 megahertz Intel's Pentium III at 800 MHz
memory64 megabytes of Random Access Memory initially 256, added to make a total of 768 MB
hard disk drivesWestern Digital, IDE, 4 gigabytes IBM 60 GB
Seagate, IDE, 40 gigabytes (as of 2-2002)  
CD-ROM32x 48x, plus CD RW
modem U. S. Robotics/3Com telepath 56kbps 56k
speakers Altec Lansing, 7 watts Altec Lansing 221
other hardware Iomega Zip Drive 100MB Iomega Zip Drive, 100MB; DVD drive
input devicesMulti-Function Keyboard - with 12 extra buttonsSame keyboard
Microsoft IntelliMouse - with wheel! MS wheeled and laser mouse
game deviceJoystick - PC Commander Plus Same
monitor Epson 15" IBM 15" black
printer Hewlett-Packard 820 Deskjet n/a