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Here we present photos of celebrities in which Dave appears, or that were taken by Dave. -

Political Celebrities

With the Mayor of Forth Wayne, Graham Richard, August, 2005
Dave with
Top: Dave with George Stephanopolis at DePaul;
Bottom: At the DNC, Chicago, Hillary and Tipper, August 1996
Ms. King; Studs!
Top: Dave at DePaul with Bernice King, MLK's daughter;
Bottom: Dave at Chicago's PBS studio with Studs Terkel,
the legendary Chicago writer/radio host
Senators and
Top: Dave flanked by both Illinois senators (at the time),
Carol Moseley-Braun and Paul Simon, Washington, DC, July, 1995;
Bottom: Sammy Hagar, with Teddy (Dave's roommate), and Jeanette



Jones' Pilot!talkers
Gallagher &
OZ in Vega$!

more than
<i>me, myself, and i</i>
me...from Iridian!
With Bebe Buell- Ex Mrs. Steven Tyler; Liv Tyler's mother; Playboy Playmate, 1974
The nameplates say:
'Pat Priest as Marilyn Munster,' and 'Butch Patrick as Eddie Munster,' Chicago, 1997.
A publicity photo taken during the pilot show for Jenny Jones, April 5, 1995.
Dave, Ricki Lake, and Teddy (the roommate), fall 1995;
Dave, talk show host Mark Wahlberg, Teddy, David Vergin (the neighbor), spring 1996
With Calvin Trillin, April '05 at Temple;
Dave and Gallagher, Dec. 95
Dave and Roger Baum, grandson of L. Frank Baum,
Dec. 96
Both in Las Vega$ 
With David Prowse (Darth Vader) and Jim Peterson, July, '05;
Lead singer of De La Soul, DePaul, May, 98;
Autographed at Viva! Chicago, by Iridian, August, 1999
Chicago comedian Tim Kazurinsky;
Legendary comedian Tom Dreesen
Kevin Spacey accepting the Best Actor award with Roger Ebert;
with Julia Stiles
All four at the Chicago Film Critics Awards, March, 1999


Sports Celebrities


With Lisa Raymond,
at Ameritech Cup, Chicago, Feb. '97
w/Bobby Reynolds and Lisa Raymond,
Pilot Pen, Aug. '05
Shots of Serena and Venus Williams, top-ranked WTA players
Both from the Ameritech Cup, November, 1997
Autographs from the
'97 Ameritech Cup:
Lisa Raymond, Nathalie Tauziat, Serena Williams, Venus Williams, Renae Stubbs, Hana Mandlikova, Mary Pierce, more
Billie Jean King, 1998, from when Teddy waited on her at Cheesecake Factory
Author Paul Fein at a special book signing with the USTA.
With Jan-Michael Gambill,
capturing Andy Roddick in action;
RCA, Indianapolis,
July '05
Jim Courier, Santiago Open, Chile, Nov '98;
Daniela Hantuchova,
Pilot Pen, '05


with Judson Laipply, creator of Evolution of Dance, at IPFW, January '07