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I have sorted my links into several categories. Please browse, or utilize my table of...


Sub-categories devoted to my favorite sports:


Tennis 101
Tennis Magazine
International Tennis Hall Of Fame
WTA Tour
Women's professional tennis tour site
ATP tour
Men's professional tennis tour site
USPTA home
United States Professional Tennis Association
Tennis News at Mindspring with Chris Smith
Australian Open
French Open
Exposure, The Online Tennis Magazine


Ryne Sandberg site
A virtual Web shrine to the Cubs second baseman and newest member of the Hall of Fame.
From Cooperstown, N.Y.

Games stuff


Epic MegaGames Home Page
Pin-Wizard Archive

Better have a lot of time if you're going explore my...

Links Galore!

The Yuckiest Site on the Internet
What's Hot and Cool
Gay Resources
Cool Site of the Day
Tina's Room
Pen pals, humor, music, and tampons!
The Weird Places On The Net
A Thousand Points of Sites
Webaholics Home Page v2.1
The World Wide Web Worm
World Birthday Web (WBW)


Term Paper Archive
Newsgroups available
U.S. Government Hypertext Documents
Searches for mailing lists
Best Websites of 1995
BoWeb '94 Award Recipients
Cool Site of the Day
Special Internet Connections: Last update 1/31/95
The Internet Services List
What's Hot and Cool

Newspaper stuff

NewsLink (c) 1995
The Washington Times
Jerusalem Post
Chicago Sun-Times
Chicago Tribune Online
New York Times
NewsPage Home Page

Presenting links for all forms of the media...

TV stuff

Chucky G's 1980's Web Pages
Academy of Television Arts & Sciences
Guest Lineups
This site presents guests appearing on several shows.
Welcome to Comedy Central
Ultimate TV List
Sound Bytes: WWW TV Themes Home Page


Sat Night Live
Mister Rogers' Neighborhood
Vandelay Industries (Seinfeld)
The UnofficialBrady Bunch Home Page
They killed Kenny!
Dave's Top Ten
Melrose Place

Cinema stuff

The Oracle of Bacon
Greatest Films
Silent Movies
The Moviemakers' Home Page
Paramount Pictures Online Studio
John Travolta Page
Robert Altman's Website
Internet Movie Database
The Envelope Please - Oscars Page
Hollywood Online


Star Trek
Rocky Horror Picture Show
Star Wars Home Page
THE GODFATHER Trilogy | 50 Pages!

Music stuff

The 80s Server
Maxwell Street Blues Home Page
MTV Online: Main Page
Billboard Online
Michael's Love Songwords Collection
Directory of /pub/music/guitar
the ultimate band list
Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum
Ticketmaster Online
POLLSTAR Search Tours by Artist
The CD Club Web Server


Jethro Tull
Rachel Barton, Violinist
The Tori Amos Home Page
Smiley's Nirvana Home Page
Official Grateful Dead Home Page
Rolling Stones
Blues Brothers

Literature on the Web

World of M. C. Escher
Borders on the Web
People Magazine
The Word Detective
Book Lovers: Fine Books and Literature
Here you'll find links to sites ranging from rare books and libraries to
international literature and writers.
Publishers Weekly Bestseller Lists With all major genres.
Nobel Prize forLiterature
TheComplete Works of William Shakespeare
From tragedies, history plays to poems and sonnets, it is all here! Also features quotations, links and a wealth of other material to peruse.
The Library of Congress
large Web site with a digital library collection, access to government
information, indexes, etc.

Computer stuff

Dictionary of Computing Contents

Internet stuff

Web-Counter Home Page
Internet Reference Encyclopaedia
Form for Finding People's E-Mail Addresses
The URL-minder: Your Own Personal Web Robot!
The HTML Writers Guild Website
Web Page Construction for Dummies
NCSA--A Beginner's Guide to HTML
Directory of /pub/archive/win95
FAQ (DePaul's email account)
Welcome to Netscape!
ASCII Symbol Table
HTML Quick Reference
HTML Fancy Stuff
Server Scripts, Forms, Indexes, Image Maps
Transparent Background Images
World Wide Web FAQ
Internet Resources Meta-Index
Internet Tools Summary
Special Internet Connections
TELNET Services
The Internet and Computer-Mediated Communication

One of my passions is traveling, so naturally comes the...

Travel stuff

Virtual Tourist Pre-Home Page
travlang front page
Follow the adventures of the Swedes' journey!
World Flags
National Address and ZIP+4 Browser
Subway navigator
TRAVEL - Internet Travel Network ... Online Booking and Travel Information
Welcome to MapQuest!
Te Amo
How to say "I love you" in dozens of languages
Virtual Tourist World Map
-- A geographically organized index into web servers world wide.

Places to Visit

Dates indicate places that I have visited, and when.

Paris Pages Musee du Louvre
July 22-27, 1994
London Calling Internet
June 21-27, 1994
Virtual Jerusalem
April 1983
China Home Page
European Home Page
Egypt's Information Highway
Discover Spain
June 27-July 21, 1994
June 30, 1994
Greece home page
The Government of the Republic of Croatia
Windows on Italy
Sergei Senin's Russian Page
The National Web Site for the Republic of Cuba - CubaWeb
Welcome to the North Pole

United States

United States Holocaust Memorial Museum
July 1995
The Official Hilton Head Island Home Page
March 1994
Aloha from Hawaii OnLine
Las Vegas Home Page
Caesar's Palace, February, 1993; Luxor, December, 1994; Mirage, December, 1995, Monte Carlo, December, 1996
Virtual Las Vegas
Federal Bureau of Investigation - Home Page
Welcome To The White House
The US Department of Transportation
The French Quarter in NewOrleans
January 1978
City of Phoenix Home Page
January 15-17, 1997
Illinois Gateway
Many features from the Secretary of State's office


Chicago Web by Gordon Lake
1893 Chicago World's Fair!
A deep site on the legendary and pivotal World's Fair/Columbian Expo (for Chris' 400th anniversary) in Chicago!
Chicago Public Library
Children's literature is well-represented on the Net through online books and stories, pictures and research materials.
Museum of Science and Industry
Highlights some of the museum's most popular attractions while providing in-depth information for teachers and students.
Adler Planetarium
Lotsa astronomical stuff, including- Postings about two new planets discovered in a relatively nearby solar system
Chicago Historical Society
the best place for Chicago History. Also includes the best place to search for info on Chicago History, at their links page.
The Art Institute of Chicago
Descriptions and images of pieces in its permanent collection.
Field Museum of Natural History
Dinosaurs, Egyptology, and much more are on display here.
Shedd Aquarium
Spertus Museum
The largest museum of Jewish history between the coasts. Includes the first exhibit on the Holocaust.
Navy Pier
The versatile, historical area that is now Chicago's Lakefront Playground! Features include the Ferris Wheel, Children's museum, theater, shops, and boats galore!
Speaking of which, the Children's Museum has it's own site!
The Museum of Broadcast Communications
One of only two broadcast museums in the country, it contains a historical archive of over 85,000 hours of television and radio programming. Also home to the Radio Hall of Fame.
DuSable Museum of Black History
Dusable is the first and oldest museum of African American History in the country with over 17,000 objects. Especially moving is the exhibit on slavery.
John Hancock Building Observatory
Weather Information
General Info from the city
From the National Weather Service
Five day forecast...From the Weather Channel
The Oriental Institute
Chicago Mosaic Homepage
Brought to you by the City of Chicago and various corporate partners.
Lincoln Park Zoo
Chicago's best, FREE zoo!
Mexican Fine Arts Center
Taste of Chicago
Lettuce Entertain You,
One of the finest restuarant corporations in the country.
Museum of Contemporary Art
List of places to dance in Chicago
current Chicago social events
Chicago Symphony Orchestra


Virtual Brewery Adventure
The Electric Postcard
All Jewish
Here is a page I created for my best friend Rachel.
FeMiNa - Web Search For Women
Welcome to Fashion Internet
Electronic Zoo

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